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Christian Allen – Testimonial

“I asked The Reapercussionist to custom build me a snare for my set. I was having difficulty finding a drum that met my specifications and The Reapercussionist worked with me to get everything the way I wanted. After receiving the drum, I was absolutely blown away by the appearance and after getting it tuned up, […]

James Jackson – Testimonial

“The kit alone is beautiful. It catches the eye of the drummer and audience. The tonal qualities that resonate from the shells when playing is electrifying. Ideas flow naturally when playing on a well made drum set. Solo ideas bounce off the heads. The hickory shells are very warm but have the attack that responds […]

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Jerry Mazzuca – Testimonial

“I just played two nights this past weekend at Jazz St. Louis (formerly The Bistro, I suppose, although it will always be The Bistro to me!) with Dawn Weber and Friends. Plain and simple, I was floored by the sound and feel of your house kit there. I played the 12 and 14″ toms with […]