Privacy Policy

Here at The Reapercussionist, I take the issue of privacy very seriously. You deserve to have your information kept safe and not flaunted in the face of outside companies that would love to add you to their spam lists. Treat others how you would like to be treated – that’s my motto here.

What information is collected?

  • Only what you enter when you create an account on this website.
  • There is NO financial information stored on either our site or server. I purposefully chose to not handle your financial information in the hopes of it never being compromised. Instead, I choose to leave those very important up to the professionals with and WorldPay. Handling merchant processing is what they do for a living and they’re very good at it, too!


How is your information used?

  • The information you share with us DOES NOT get sold or shared with external entities.
  • We may use your contact information to stay in touch and keep you abreast of any new information or changes that are exciting.