Shipping Policy

Our Approach

Oftentimes, folks begin to cringe when you mention shipping anything. The process can be painful but it doesn’t always have to be. Let me explain the shipping approach of The Reapercussionist.

  • Products will always be shipped out as soon as possible.
  • Your order will always be packaged effectively in the effort to prevent possible damage in transit.
  • Shipping charges will never be needlessly expensive. If you select a service that necessitates an increased shipping cost – you will be billed for that increase but there will be no additional charges just for fun.
  • The Reapercussionist DOES NOT profit from shipping charges! The shipping expenses you incur are strictly to cover getting your purchases to you and do not add gold leaf to the shop toilet paper…

In a perfect world you could make your purchase in person and get to enjoy the human interaction that it entails. We all know that is not always possible and my desire is to make purchasing online as pleasant as having that face-to-face contact. For that reason, shipping should be a simple formality when the need is present.


Standard Shipping Practices

As was mentioned above, the goal is simplicity and transparency.

  • All items will ship as swiftly as possible. This often results in orders shipping out within three (3) business days or less. If it so happens that the item(s) you order are not currently in stock, the longest waiting period should be five (5) business days before your order ships out. On the rare occasion that your ordered item(s) are not in stock here, or any where in our supply chain, you will be notified as soon as possible so we can figure out how you would like to proceed.
  • Our preferred shipping partners are FedEx and USPS. The most common shipping methods are FedEx Ground (commercial addresses), FedEx Home Delivery (residential addresses), USPS Priority Mail, and USPS First Class Mail.
  • Shipping charges are generated based on product weights and in a live environment. This means that the weight of the items you order are calculated and that information is sent “live” to the shipping carrier to be assessed and the resulting amount is what their computer system states it will cost to ship your order. This is considered a live environment since the transaction is an up-to-date communication that, depending on how bogged down the internet is, results in a near instantaneous result. Pretty neat, huh?



  • For your benefit, and because I love you, there is a free shipping option available on most orders over $75. Depending on the items that you order, the savings could equate to well over a 10% of your order! That’s a pretty great deal!
  • Sadly, there are almost always exceptions to the rules and this is one area that has to abide by that standard. There are some items that are offered through our store that will incur additional charges due to either their weight or sheer size. These items are clearly denoted and unfortunately will not be eligible for free shipping… *sad face*
  • In addition to the mild sadness created by the above statement, the “FREE SHIPPING!” offer is only available for domestic shipments within the continental United States. I apologize to all of our friends affected by this condition. C’est la vie…


International Orders

I really don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but I am currently unable to sell or ship internationally. Keep your chins up though! I do hope that this issue will be reconciled in the future, I am just unsure of how long it will take to work out the details and develop the necessary finesse to ensure smooth sales and shipping experiences for our friends abroad.